Invisible Warfare - Special Workbook Edition

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The purpose of this Workbook is to stop the spinning and repetition of journal writing. It will help you find your deeper messages. This Workbook will help you pull subconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and memories into the conscious mind through writing. It is designed to show you how to explore your writing in ways that inspire you to think, remember, feel and philosophize. The workbook is full of corresponding exercises and opportunities to engage in techniques that will help you understand what your journal writings are ultimately about. These tools will help you be better able to see who you are, who you are not and learn to understand yourself as well as others. The goal is to go beyond the obvious and what you already know -- and to understand the invisible, the thoughts and feelings that inspire our actions. Journals repeat the same information for years...The Invisible Warfare Workbook breaks your life down for depth, wisdom and actual change!

Invisible Warfare: Special Workbook Edition
A Companion Book for Invisible Warfare
By Mona Miller
A Communication Arts Trade Paperback Original
Price: $24.95
Soft Cover
480 Pages
ISBN: 10:-0-9786652-1-X

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